Introducing Liza Donihue: The Music Industry’s New Hidden Talent

October 13, 2021

Liza has been working tirelessly to become one of the most sought-after songwriters in the country.

SANTA CLARITA, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, October 13, 2021 / -- As the global pandemic continues to grip the world, there is a shining star in the darkness – Liza Donihue, the music industry’s brightest new talent.

Liza Donihue is a 24-year-old up-and-coming singer/songwriter from Santa Clarita, California. For the past number of years, Liza has been working tirelessly to create and perform her own music and is currently working on an EP with artist, E-stro, whom she collaborated with for the song, Trust Issues – E-stro ft. Liza. Additionally, Liza just released two more songs, Fall and Tipsy and recently sold over 100 tickets for a multi-artist show with Altar Studios.

“Since I knew I wanted to become a songwriter and artist five years ago, I’ve been putting my heart and soul into this pursuit,” Liza says. “I write and perform for hours every day, whether it’s in the studio working on my own music, coaching other artists in the studio, writing with or for other artists, networking at events, passing out hundreds of flyers to homes every week, or reaching out to studios, publishing companies, music supervisors – you name it and I’ve done it. In 2017, I was even able to get a developmental deal with a small label out of Nashville, run by Maestro Robinson. I learned so much during that time and hope to collaborate with him again soon.”

What truly sets Liza apart from other singer/songwriters, however, is not just her exceptional talent, but also her empathetic and personable nature. Liza is able to read others’ emotions very well and is able to connect with different personalities because of her unconditional love for others.

“Working in the studio with Liza felt like home,” says ChrisseanRock, an artist signed to Blueface. “She helped me to keep track of what was in my mind, how to express it, and kept me stay in my flow. She really inspired confidence in me.”

Fae, another popular artist says, “Liza is a true gem, both as a songwriter and as a human being. She took the time to get to know my sound and me as an artist before we started writing, and I really loved her attention to detail and great ear for melodies. Liza is also an absolute sweetheart, and anyone would be lucky to work with her.”

“Liza constantly proves that her creativity and artistry are a force to be reckoned with,” Maestro Robinson states. “Her elegance and addictive melodies will have you eating out of the palm of her hand.”

For more information about Liza Donihue, please visit her website at or on Instagram @Lizadonihue.

About Liza Donihue

Liza Donihue comes from a highly musical family and has been inspired by many great songwriters, including Benny Blanco, Julia Michaels, and Bruno Mars. Her main purpose is to write music that inspires hope, encouragement, and happiness in others.

Liza Donihue